County Codes/ ISD Codes


You can easily get the IDD (International Direct Dialling) or ISD (International Subscriber Dialling) codes of any country in the world. will help you to make long distance call to any of your business partner, friend and relatives. Also you can trace country name by entering the ISD number of first few digits of incoming number. This may help, whenever you to get call from other unknown country. There are 249 countries area code available. is having huge database of ISD codes. We display result details on google map.

An Example of International calling/dialling format is:
IDD + Country Code + Area Code + Recipient’s Number

To call International dial up numbers, Things to remembers here.
• When you dial an international numbers from landline number or from cell phone numbers remember the things that landline charges are higher.
• Check your telephone services and make sure that your ISD dial up/calling services are enabled.
• You can omit the Zero '0' and make ISD call for respected person.
• You can check timings of any other country. Before calling. You should not call the person at mid night.

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